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How to hack WiFi password in minutes

WiFi password hacker,(more info at thewifihacker) the application with a voluminous buzz online, makes an astute remark in the internet world that this WiFi hacking tool is going to stay up there. It can't be considered as an application which disincentivise competition in the WiFi hacking stream, as it didn't have to because most other WiFi tools are just scams. Globally, the consensus emerging is that the application should be investing in the expansion of their servers and in the advertising campaign of the application as well. One point against the consensus is that this application is non-profit and a freebie and so it can't be practically feasible for the WiFi password hacker application to invest much in their advertising campaigns. Prioritisation becomes a real headache when there are enormous amount of requests hitting this WiFi hacking tool at the same time. Expansion of the application for clearing out the problem of prioritisation is a sound logic but there isn't enough income from any stream to invest on the application back. The WiFi hacking tools in its stream, the seemingly competition for the WiFi password hacker, aren't too serious a threat that the application should rather concentrate on other existential problems, essentially, the finance. While there doesn't seem to be a lot of people disagreeing with the notion that the WiFi password hacker should be spending loads on expanding the business, why can't these people actually donate a sum of money for the WiFi tool's welfare. While it hacks the WiFi password of any router placed in the same territory it is placed, it doesn't flout any basic ethical practices an application are entitled with. In all honesty, there is still room for a consensus, all the skeptics are invited, that the WiFi password hacker ethicality is unquestionable. Ostensibly, the skeptics refuse to believe it and have their own doubts which won't be bothered by any of the successful users of the application. Whether the application is glorified or dishonored to a greater extent either by the users who have reported success using the WiFi password hacker or the skeptics who are questioning the unethicality of the application is not a matter worth discussing. A paper previously published on a famous magazine quoted "WiFi password hacker is expected to create a revolution in the technology world and will diminish the revenues generated by the telecom operators, upon which the users are dependent for access to internet for the past 20 years". The quote sounds logical and netizens all over the world could only benefit from this WiFi hacking tool as paying extra amount to data in phone bills won't be mandatory anymore. Although the inception of the WiFi password hacker undermines the businesses of top telecom operators in the world, they simply have to accept the change that high-growth rate, which they have been witnessing the past decade, won't ever exist anymore. Consumer's welfare is rated over the telecom operator's profit and hence WiFi password hacker has got pledging support online from all the consumers.



Post by wifisniffer (2015-07-07 17:45)

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